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Madis Nõmme

Web application data specialist


My name is Madis Nõmme. I help my clients most efficient ways to import, store and analyse data. This can mean building a understanding your problem and building a roadmap, guiding and working together with existing team or planning and implementing the full solution.

Always bring value. This is my motto. When getting to know the project - you will get my feedback in well written, structured form so you will have a reference for future. When developing, I will ship features in short iterations from the first day. When completing, you will have a comprehensive test suite and documentation so doing further work on the project will be easy.

I like to keep things simple and use the right tools for the job. Project requirements and complexity change over time and so should the approaches and tools used. I value efficiency in communication and development. I believe quality software efficiently requires not just good coding skills but also human skills.


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I am always looking for interesting ideas and projects to work on and problems to solve. Please drop me a note and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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