Introducing Travelling Hackerman

I’ve noticed that the best learning happens when I get myself out of the comfort zone. So in order to expand my horizons I came up with a project called Travelling Hackerman. The majority of information about Travelling Hackerman will be posted to and


Best bots and crawlers for collecting data

Needing a bot for monitoring some price info recently, I looked around for existing products, frameworks and companies that can help building bots for automated data collection and scraping. Here is what I found.


Get started in python machine learning in 10 minutes for Ruby developers

There is a lot of high quality material for people with different levels of knowledge in machine learning. It requires a lot of digging to sort it and find the most concise ones. Here is a list of most useful articles I found for a ruby developer that wants to start machine learning quickly.


Rails app from zero to production in 1 hour [Part 2]

Part 1 described how I create and deploy new Rails applications quickly with preconfigured preferences. In the this part I will describe how to set up https for rails production with free ssl certificates, integrate rails app with Slack and how to put in place monitoring with Sentry.


Rails app from zero to production in 1 hour [Part 1]

New rails applications can be created quickly with rails new [name] when the defaults suit you. To go from empty application with couple scaffolds to production-ready application with your own database, continuous integration, continuous deployments, monitoring etc.


Rails 5: What to test where?

Rails 5 has different types of tests and RSpec adds its options. This post offers my take on feature specs, request specs, controller specs and unit tests - where to test what.


Blocking outgoing traffic to ports

Controlling network traffic by using firewalls can have different benefits. There are also scenarios where restrictive rules just impede the users without giving any security benefits. This article describes in layman’s terms using visual examples, the workings and results of blocking outoing traffic to specific ports.


Running Elasticsearch in docker container

Running Elasticsearch in docker container should be straightforward, Following the official instructions, I could not establish. Here is how I solved the issue.


Serving web application locally over https

As the browser vendors are moving towards https, it is useful to keep the local development environment on https too. Here are couple simple ways for doing it.

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