Needing a bot for monitoring some price info recently, I looked around for existing products, frameworks and companies that can help building bots for automated data collection and scraping. Here is what I found.

Companies building bots

    • finds you a developer for developing chat bot

Ready-to-use bots

  1. SEMrushBot
  2. OnionScan
    • free and open source tool for investigating the Dark Web
  3. 80legs
    • Run your own web crawls on our cloud-enabled platform.
    • Pull custom data from our crawl of the entire web.

Frameworks & services for building bots

  1. Microsoft Bot Framework
  2. Pandorabots
    • Pandorabots is a web service for building and deploying chatbots.
  3. kik
    • you can use their python library to build your own
    • or buy one from large selection of pre-built ones

Building from Zero (rolling on your own)

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