There is a lot of high quality material for people with different levels of knowledge in machine learning. It requires a lot of digging to sort it and find the most concise ones. Here is a list of most useful articles I found for a ruby developer that wants to start machine learning quickly.

  1. Overview of python syntax and the tools and libraries This will refresh your memory on Python syntax and help to understand how the different libraries and tools play together and what each is for. If you only read 1 from the list this should be it.
  2. Learn python in 10 minutes Covers major parts of the language, nice to refer to when working.
  3. 10 minutes to pandas You can use Pandas to do exploratory analysis of your data. Very useful for getting to know your data.
  4. Do some data exploration with Pandas
  5. See some real results by using supervised learning

In addition here are two longer lists of tutorials and materials if you want to dig deeper:

  1. List of scikit-learn tutorials
  2. Machine learning mastery Get Started and Get Good
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